Dream Walker

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Dream Walker Synopsis
Gary is a successful corporate man poised for promotion and happy in a new relationship with his co-worker Dawn, when his troubled brother Richie moves in. When Richie gains the power to walk into other people’s dreams and change them, he uses it to make his beloved brother’s life seemingly better.

But things take an unexpected turn when Gary cheats on Dawn, and Richie walks into her dream to win her back for his brother. Instead, Dawn falls in love with him, sending all three of their lives spiraling into violence and regret. Pregnant now with Richie’s child, Dawn has one chance to save all three of them, if she can figure out how to walk into Richie’s wounded mind and bring him back to waking life.

Dream Walker is a dark comedy about brothers, self-destruction, and the uncanny power of dreams.

, the older brother, a corporate middle manager
, the younger brother, a novelist
, a corporate manager, dating Gary

Production History
Production by Sweet Pea Productions
Kraine Theatre, NYC, November 9 -19th, 2011
Director: Marielle Duke
GARY: Matthew Archambault
RICHIE: Collin Smith
DAWN: Jennifer Somers Kipley
Stage Manager: Emily Thomas
Lighting Design: Olivia Harris
Sound Design: Jessica Lechtenberg

Development History
06/22/10: Read-through of 1st draft
Gary, Shannon Michael Wamser
Richie, Jerry Richardson
Dawn, Devon Berkshire

June 2010: Scenes worked at Flux Sundays with Flux Theatre Ensemble

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