Dream Walker Reviews

Dream Walker Reviews – 2011 SweetPea Productions

Dream Walker is a beautiful, touching, and uplifting play about miracles–those bestowed upon us and those we somehow work ourselves. The writing is gorgeous and lyrical. Gus somehow keeps the piece grounded despite the breathtaking flights it takes.
It’s also very, very funny.”
-Martin Denton, Publisher, Indie Theater Now 

“Mr. Schulenburg’s lyricism (he is an unquestionably talented playwright) makes Richie seem like a great city from a distance, but upon closer inspection we find that heroism in the theater is far more complicated than in the comics…”
-Will Kenton, Cultural Capital 

 “What starts out as an cheesy “superhero” comic, with overdrawn Liefeld-like limbs and exclamatory, Stan Lee-style plotting, becomes, over the course of ninety minutes, something more suggestive and alluring, a Sandman-esque anthology looking at the nature of hope, imagination, and love.”
-Aaron Riccio, That Sounds Cool

“I have seen many a play by Schulenburg, and I have to say this is one of my favorites. As a girl who grew up playing imagination games with two drastically different brothers wishing we had super powers like our favorite comic book heroes and playing video games all night, I was able to identify a lot…I strongly encourage people to see this gem of a play during its short run. Do not miss Dream Walker, you will be sorry you did.”
-Carissa Cordes, New York Theater Review 

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