Denny and Lila

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Mike Mihm as Denny and Rachael Hip-Flores as Lucia


DENNY, 30’s, M, a con artist and LILA’s partner, possibly from Alabama, handsome
LILA, 30’s, F, a con artist and DENNY’s partner, possibly from Alabama, beautiful
JABBER, 30’s, F, a con artist who works with DENNY and LILA, definitely from Alabama, plain to look at but dazzling to listen to, handles logistics
MARY, 40’s, W, MARCUS’ ex-wife, a lawyer, patrician Alabaman
MARCUS, 40-50’s, M, MARY’s ex-husband, a doctor, patrician Alabaman
NETTIE, 16, W, MARCUS and MARY’s daughter, a painter, manic depressive
LUCIA, 21, W, MARCUS’ new wife and former maid, recent immigrant from northern Mexico

Time: 2010

Location: Many locations outside Albertville, Alabama. Later, Toledo Ohio, and a small diner off an Idaho highway. The staging and design elements should be fluid enough to keep up with JABBER.


After her husband MARCUS divorces her for their much younger maid LUCIA, MARY turns to the con artist team of DENNY, LILA and JABBER for revenge. They take the job, with DENNY pretending to be the Nerdua-quoting electrician ‘Fred’ to seduce LUCIA; and LILA pretending to be the daffily charming British novelist ‘Mara’ to seduce MARCUS.

All goes well until DENNY develops an unexpected connection to NETTIE, MARY and MARCUS’ manic-depressive daughter. Reminding him of his younger sister who committed suicide, DENNY seeks to protect her from the con.

JABBER, our narrator and obsessively devoted sidekick of DENNY and LILA, recognizes DENNY’s attachment to NETTIE as a serious threat to their trio. When DENNY suggests altering the con to protect NETTIE and her paintings, JABBER decides the girl has to go.

When JABBER’s con within the con takes a surprising turn, DENNY and LILA are torn apart; until a vision at an Idaho diner ends JABBER’s story on an unexpected note of grace.

Denny and Lila is a play about beauty, love, and the other cons we run.

Development History

Denny and Lila was a part of Lark Play Development Center’s 19th Annual Playwrights’ Week on September 28, 2012. (Featuring: Bill Heck, Jennifer Lyon, Johnna Adams, Becky Byers, Liz Douglas, Christopher Gerson, Audrey Esparza and Piper Bishop. Directed by Shelley Butler-Hyler.)

Denny and Lila was read as part of MTWorks 2012 National Newborn Festival of February 3rd, 2012, at City College in NYC (Featuring: Rachel McPhee, David Ian Lee, Vanessa Lozano, David Crommett, Johnna Adams, Hannah Seusy. Directed by Tom Woktunik)

Denny and Lila
  was read as part of MTWorks 2011 Living Room Series, September 4th, 2011

A scene from Denny and Lila was staged at Flux’s Have Another series
January 17th, 2011, at Jimmy’s #43, NYC
Directed by Jessi D. Hill
Featuring Jessica Angelskhan, David Crommett, Rachael Hip-Flores, Mike Mihm, Kari Swenson Riely

Denny and Lila was developed by Flux Theatre Ensemble in 2010

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