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Nabanita Ghosh
, 30s, lead quantum-biologist at QuamBi.
Cooper Sands
, 40s, quantum-biologist at QuamBi.
Malcolm Forner
, 95, quantum-biologist at Quambi, seems much younger.
Jenni Long
, 20s, quantum-biologist at QuamBi.
Mac Silverhorn
, 30s, quantum-biologist at QuamBi.

The following roles may be single cast or double cast using the following break down
Actor #1
: plays Daniel Nemerov, a neuroscientist; and Bobby Pachachi, a musician and friend of Mac’s.
Actor #2: plays Mindy Alvarez, a visual artist and Jenni’s girlfriend; and Dara Sands, Cooper’s very sick wife.

Time: 2051
The meeting room at Quam Bi, the lab, Nita’s office, Cooper and Dara’s bedroom, Jenni and Mindy’s living room, Mac’s basement

Faced with a virus that mutates faster then they can adapt, the quantum biologists of QuamBi bring in DEINDE, an enhanced intelligence device. DEINDE allows users to think directly into a computer, greatly increasing their natural processing power.

Jenni and Mac eagerly adopt the new technology, but Malcolm tries to convince his protege and boss Nita to abandon the untested device. Nita pushes forward anyway, in part to save Cooper’s wife Dara, who is in the end stages of the disease.

Though early research with DEINDE shows promise, the side effects take an increasing toll, until Mac discovers that by breaking some of the rules that govern its use, he and Jenni can advance more quickly. They become addicted to the machine, and find a way to stay looped in even when they leave the office.

This leads to a break through in treating the disease, but it also separates Jenni and Mac further from their loved ones. When tragedy strikes Mac and Cooper’s lives, they take their research even further, until they seem to be evolving into something more than human.

DEINDE is a play about the evolution of the mind, and what it means to be human in an age of rapid technological change.

Development History

  • Produced by Flux Theatre Ensemble at the Secret Theatre in Long Island City, NY, from April 27-May 12.
    Directed by Heather Cohn
    Nabanita Ghosh, Nitya Vidyasagar
    Cooper Sands
    , David Ian Lee
    Malcolm Forner
    , Ken Glickfeld
    Jenni Long
    , Rachael Hip-Flores
    Mac Silverhorn
    , Isaiah Tanenbaum
    Daniel Nemerov: Matthew Trumbull
    Bobby Pachachi:
    Matthew Murumba
    Mindy Alvarez: Sol Marina Crespo
    Dara Sands: Alyssa Simon
    Stage Manager: Jodi M. Witherell. Set Designer: Will Lowry. Lighting Designer: Kia Rogers. Costumer Designer: Stephanie Levin. Sound Designer: Martha Goode. Fight Choreographer: Michael Lawrence Eisenstein. Dramaturg: Ingrid Nordstorm.
  • Workshop reading from Decades Out’s Launchpad Series, May 12th, 2011. Directed by Pete Boisvert.
    Nabanita Ghosh
    , Nitya Vidyasagar
    Cooper Sands
    , Ryan Andes
    Malcolm Forner
    , Ed Schultz
    Jenni Long
    , Tina Chilip
    Mac Silverhorn
    , Brian Pracht
    Daniel/Bobby: Daryl Lathon
    Mindy/Dara: Lex Friedman
  • Scene staged as part of Flux’s Have Another, April 6th, 2011 with Brian Pracht as MAC and Matthew Murumba as BOBBY, direction by Pete Boisvert at Jimmy’s #43, NYC
  • Read-through at Flux Theatre Ensemble’s annual retreat, September 4th, 2010
  • Developed by Flux Theatre Ensemble, June-August of 2010

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