Full Length Plays

Honey Fist
2 W, 4M
A group of old friends gather for their annual bender honoring a high school buddy who died young, when an old adversary who turned Hollywood shows up to cast doubt on how he died.
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3 W, 4 M
A team of quantum biologists are torn apart when several of their members use an intelligence enhancing device.
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Dream Walker
1W, 2M
Two brothers and the woman they both love are transformed when one of them learns how to walk into the dreams of others.
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Riding the Bull
1 W, 1 M
In Riding the Bull, a love affair between a devout rodeo clown and a hell-raising rancher leads to Graceland, prophetic sex, and cows that rise from the dead.
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Jacob’s House
5 W, 4M
Jacob’s House is a contemporary riff on the story of Jacob wrestling the angel.
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The Lesser Seductions of History

5 W, 5 M, 1 Gender Neutral
The Lesser Seductions of History follows ten characters through each year of the 1960’s.
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Other Bodies
1 W, 1 M
In Other Bodies, a notorious womanizer’s obsession with an unobtainable woman leads to violence, and his subsequent transformation into a woman.
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4 W, 9 M, 1+ gender neutral
On an island where anything is possible, three couples collide in a Shakespearean romp overshadowed by the threat of violence and loss.
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Carrin Beginning
4 W, 4 M
In 1927 Donegal, a band of misfit patrons of Mullin’s Pub meet “the last of the great bards of Ireland” who changes their lives forever.
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Kidding Jane
2 W, 2 M
A grieving couple begin to fall apart after adopting a kid who reminds them of their daughter’s killer.
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Dark Matter
3 W, 4 M
A physicist tries to hold her unraveling professional and personal lives together as she chases after the mysterious stuff that makes up 95% of the universe.
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Good Hope
2 W, 4M (+more, if possible)
In 1856 South Africa, unexpected allies try to stop the apocalyptic prophecies of a Xhosa girl. Based on the real Xhosa cattle killing.
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What Is Outside
4 W, 3 M, Chorus
An opera in development with composer Luis Andrei Cobo
An ideal community is undone when a twin sister takes her brother’s place in a ritual sacrifice.
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Wake To Dream
4 W, 3 M, 2+ Ensemble
Inspired by Calderon’s Life Is A Dream, Rosaura’s quest for revenge changes course when she meets Segismundo, a prince locked since birth in a prison by his father.
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Perfect Children
4 W, 4 M
When a mysterious girl wearing the mask of a U.S. president kidnaps Jenin, his rescuers discover unsettling truths about their city in this sci-fi fantasy.

Denny and Lila
5 W, 2 M
Jabber tells us what happened to legendary con artists Denny and Lila when an Alabama con went wrong.
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The Hand That Moves
4 W, 1M
When rock and roll journalist Lois Baker becomes accidentally pregnant with her fifth child, she looks for a way out of motherhood.
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4 W, 1 M
Melinda remembers tutoring Perse and what happened between them when their music made Perse famous.
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Under a Better Sky
7W, 7M
A commission for Hall High School: students in a wasteland attempt to pass into a walled city or bring the walls down.
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Jane the Plain
3 W, 3 M
When Jane saves a mysterious glowing girl from death, her social status at school takes a dangerous rise in this fairy tale about beauty, death and popularity.
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The Fields of Blue and Glow
2 M
Old friends reunite after a long time apart, with one of the friends bearing bad news and a transcendental offer.
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3 W, 2 M
Agents Feehan and Lydie race to catch the cyber-criminal Sunanokubi in this darkly comic noir where the closer you get to someone, the less you really know about them.
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Tidal Devices
3 W, 1 M
Al, a visual artist, is forced to move back to Martha’s Vineyard and wait tables at the Grey Cat because of her mother’s illness. Her friend Amada, her lover Jamie, and a rookie server named Glory grow close under the pressure of a wild summer.
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2 W, 4 M
Bahiya and Daudi are siblings growing up in Harlem with the power to step into alternate worlds. That power is tested after their mother dies, their father takes on her persona, and their uncle goes on a bender of mythic proportions. And just who is the Man with the Umbrella?
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2 W, 2 M
After New York City suffers a catastrophic event, Noma and Akiko attempt to find whatever of value is left in the rubble, and make sense of their new lives.
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Lightning Walks
4 W, 1 M
After an environmental accident in New Orleans, activist Rebekah and her daughter Tanyah find unlikely allies in a platform worker’s daughter and a chemical company’s crisis manager.
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Be Happy Be Happy Be Happy
6 W, 4 M
In a country where the government forcibly guarantees the happiness of its citizens, Sherri’s depression may turn out to be a revolutionary force.
More information soon

The Sea Concerto
3 W, 3 M
Lynnie conjures the memory of her family to find out how her father went from being an up-and-coming jazz musician to a man that turned off music when he walked in a room.
More information soon

A list of my unfinished plays

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