I’m a writer. While most of my experience is writing plays, I’ve completed my first novel and am working on a collection of poetry. Please learn more below!


As a playwright, my produced work includes: Carrin BeginningRueRiding the BullOther BodiesHoney FistJacob’s House, DEINDE, Dream Walker, Jane the Plain,The Lesser Seductions of History, Salvage, The Sea Concerto, and Operating Systems.


I am currently looking for representation for my first novel. Zou Waters and the Red-and-Real is the first in a middle-grade science fiction series that follows Zou and Liam as they jump forward in time to different planets on a quest to save the sun.


I am working on my first chapbook of poetry, The Girl Who Wasn’t There.


I write about the things I love to love them better. I write about the things I don’t understand to know them better. I write about the things I can’t abide to change them.

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