5/30/2012: B(RICK)LOG, interview for The Brick’s Democracy Festival short play series, No Second Acts

3/14/2011: terraNOVA’s transmedia panel (video), moderator Arwen Lowbridge

2/1/2011: Theatre is Easy, interviewer Joshua Bambino

1/18/2011: The PiperLine’s MadLib Interview, madlibs courtesy Piper McKenzie

6/22/2010: Revolutions Per Minute, interviewer Sean Williams

5/2/2010: nytheatrecast (podcast), interviewer Matthew Freeman

4/30/2010: Backstage, interviewer Alica Wade

4/28/2010: New York Press, interviewer Mark Peikert

4/28/2010: New York Theater Review, interviewer Jody Christopherson

12/6/2009: InDigest Magazine, interviewer Rachel Cole

11/17/2009: Just Shows To Go You, interviewer Patrick Lee

11/7/2009: The Clyde Fitch Report, interviewer Leonard Jacobs

9/17/2009: I Interview Playwrights, interviewer Adam Szymkowicz

7/13/2009: Questions for Artistic Directors, interviewer Dylan Levers

7/9/2009: Visible Soul, interviewer Zack Calhoon

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