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Diversity Initiatives

DIVERSITY INITIATIVES On the ground between us there is a hole. Can you call something a pit when you can’t See the bottom of it? Cross, you tell us. Make it over here and then we can love you. One by one, we cross the only way our bodies can. One by one, falling until the pit fills up. One day, you say, we’ll feel the footsteps crossing over us. You swear that there’s a bottom and we’re the ones to find it.

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Jericho Walk for Johana Medina Leon

“Please tell me her life mattered. Please tell me she didn’t deserve to die.” We were in the situation room of the TCG Conference planning team. It was early in the week and the enormity of our Conference was hurtling toward us. There wasn’t time to process emotion over things that happened at the Conference, much less outside it. Still, […]

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The Confidence I (Don’t) Have In My Voice

“Well, the good thing is, you already have confidence in your own voice.” She meant it as a compliment. She had no way of knowing that so-called ‘male socialization’ is almost always used to delegitimatize trans women as women. My friend was just trying to be supportive in the moment of my disclosure to her. What I couldn’t tell her […]

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